Official Whitepaper for $KOBAN
$KOBAN is the ecosystem token of Lucky Kat's web3 games built on Sui. Lucky Kat is an award winning game studio from the Netherlands with over 200 million downloads. Our mission is to create seamless gaming experiences with web3 elements like digital ownership and tokenization to onboard the next billion users on mobile.
The current landscape shows web3 games that have complex onboarding, while users play games for one reason: to have fun and relax. As a consequence, user onboarding needs to be frictionless, while having a familiar user interface. It's the developer's task to provide a safe and reliable way for users to enter and interact with the ecosystem. Examples of how to realize this are gasless wallets, auto-wallet creation on signups, auto swaps etc. To summarize, our vision is: Game first, blockchain second.
Lucky Kat will make use of its proprietary automation and marketing tools to scale up its user base once games have been thoroughly tested during a soft launching phase. Our previous successful games all have been released using a systematic and data-driven approach to make sure that all stakeholders interests are aligned once significant amounts will be spend on user acquisition. The value of $KOBAN and the amount users are tied into the portfolio's in-game economies.
Lucky Kat is building the technical infrastructure to have a foundation for a publishing platform where all internal and external games can make use of the $KOBAN token.
Publishing platform $KOBAN
Lucky Kat aims to empower the web3 ecosytem to bring games that are fun to play while applying web3 technologies to enhance user's experience even more and bring it to the next level.
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