About $KOBAN

Origin and usage
$KOBAN is the name of our portfolio in-game token, a premium currency to be used across all our web3 games, including Panzerdogs and Cosmocadia, as well as future titles. $KOBAN allows for storytelling close to our hearts as it is inspired by the Japanese currency unit of the same name, which has historically been used in trade and commerce. As an homage to the modern gaming tradition of Japan, the Lucky Kat logo depicts a Maneki-neko - a figurine of a cat believed to bring good luck to the owner. The cat often holds a koban coin in its paw, and now we have our own koban coin to be used for trading and creating exciting gaming experiences for years to come.


At Lucky Kat we believe we can make a true impact on the web3 gaming landscape by building on gameplay first experiences.
Players should not worry about difficult wallet creation processes or be intimidated by web3 terminology. They should be drawn in by the experience of fun games! We believe in having a smooth and seamless first time user experience where familiar web2 experiences are at the forefront. $KOBAN will be traded and exchanged on the backend for the users by having them interact with in-game currencies first on mobile. Users who are more familiar with web3 are still able to use $KOBAN on desktop directly with the wallets of their choice.
More about the usage and tokenomics in the next pages.