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Ecosystem $KOBAN

How to get $KOBAN and its utility

Obtaining $KOBAN

The most typical way to obtain $KOBAN is through trading on exchanges with fiat or crypto currencies.
Users who are less web3-savvy can purchase in-game currencies (IGC) using In App Purchases (IAP). These purchases are made through Apple and Google and follow all guidelines of each respective platform. Players holding the in-game currencies can later exchange them to $KOBAN. This is handled by the Lucky Kat exchange server. For example, this is useful if users wish to transfer their funds between games or other purposes, in that case they will need to exchange their in-game currency to $KOBAN. Exchanging in-game coins for $KOBAN may incur fees and are subject to a minimum amount to trade. The fees represent a convenience offered by Lucky Kat, as users are free to exchange fiat for $KOBAN on external exchanges if they wish to.

In App Purchases & $KOBAN buy back

A portion of the profit through IAPs will flow back into the community (after platform fees and payout delays) through a buy back of $KOBAN tokens. The distribution is as follows:
$KOBAN buy back
DAO Treasury
Fiat Treasury

(In-game) Marketplaces

Users will be able to trade their NFT game items in the in-game marketplaces or the Lucky Kat marketplace using $KOBAN. Fees apply of 5% per transaction (which may differ per game). Besides trading, users are able to purchase exclusive items through the marketplaces that are dropped by Lucky Kat periodically.
Web users are able to use $KOBAN or in-game currency. However, on mobile the users must use in-game currency to comply with platform guidelines. The experience of using the marketplace will be seamless, meaning the user does not have to trade their in-game currency explicitly. Lucky Kat will exchange the in-game currency on the backend automatically, while the marketplace will convert and show all prices expressed in the in-game currency. A seller who lists their NFT for $KOBAN will receive $KOBAN while the buyer can use either currency.
To illustrate this further, consider this example:
A seller on web lists their NFT in $KOBAN. A mobile buyer wants to purchase the NFT. The buyer must use in-game currency, as required on mobile. The mobile app expresses the NFT in the in-game currency, this price is calculated by the Lucky Kat exchange and includes the fees that would be incurred. The buyer spends their in-game currency, and that amount is exchanged automatically by the Lucky Kat exchange into $KOBAN which the seller receives.
Seller listing
Buying with
Lucky Kat exchange used

Game loops

Each game has their own game loop and multiple ways of obtaining on-chain and/or off-chain rewards. For example: Panzerdogs, as a more competitive game, will hold PVP tournaments with $KOBAN prize pools. Players play through the game loop, earn rewards and build out their optimal gear for their preferred play style. They can then enter tournaments and battle against other players for the $KOBAN prizes. (May require $KOBAN fees to enter)
Tokenomics within the apps are specific to each game and each game has their own additional crypto currency and in-game stable coin. We refer to their whitepaper for details.