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Cosmocadia: $CADIA & $KOBAN

About Cosmocadia

Cosmocadia is a cozy sandbox farming NFT gaming project on the Sui blockchain. Players can own each in-game asset and use them while working together to cultivate the land. Think Stardew Valley meets Animal Crossing, but with play-and-earn mechanics.
Examples of COSMOCADIA avatars
Our focus is game first, blockchain second. We believe using blockchain technology gives players of Cosmocadia a new way to interact with gaming, and be rewarded for their time spend playing. Together with our growing community, we are building a cozy game, accessible to players of all types and ages.

$CADIA and $KOBAN differences

In Cosmocadia, players are able to earn $CADIA in-game by finishing quests, playing through the core game loop, and as rewards of events, tournaments, and achievements. $CADIA is used to do in-game core gameplay loop actions such as craft, cook, purchase seeds and tools, and cultivate the land.
$KOBAN will also be treated as a premium currency, but with far more uses. Players will be able to buy $KOBAN in-game and earn via special events, tournaments, and more. Use $KOBAN to progress quicker through the core loop, purchase premium items, NFTs, and customize your NFTs to look however you want.

$KOBAN utility in-game

Use $KOBAN to:
  • Buy items, resources, and NFTs in in-game shops
  • Buyitems that shorten timers.
  • Buy and equip equipment, changing the look of your Avatar
  • Join Events
  • Upgrade specific items and NFTs
  • Trade between players

$CADIA utility in-game

Use $CADIA to:
  • Craft
  • Cook
  • Buy seeds and tools
  • Cultivate the land
$CADIA token
More detailed information regarding Cosmocadia can be found here