$KOBAN Issuance

Players will be able to get $KOBAN by:
  • Airdrop to early backers holding the first PanzerDogs avatars and tanks and Cosmocadia avatars
  • Buying from an exchange or sell NFTs on the Marketplace
  • LIMITED: Playing Lucky Kat games, through timed events like competitions and tournaments prizes etc.

$KOBAN Supply

The $KOBAN total supply, distribution and unlock periods were planned out in close cooperation with advisors. The total supply of $KOBAN will be 2.5 billion (2,500,000,000) tokens released over a period of 6 years.
The distribution of that is divided in the following categories:

Community Pool

A pool with the purpose of rewarding players for their in-game efforts through timed events, staking, swaps of the in-game stables and more. It will allow to distribute tokens among a larger amount of users to gain more attraction in the ecosystem.


The treasury is initially used for financing activities like marketing, partnerships and act as funds for legal and emergency situations. In-game earnings will flow back into the treasury, however a portion will be distributed back to the community in order to create a healthy and self-sustaining game and player economy.

Game Development

For continued development of the game and attracting talented developers and artists. These tokens are linearly vested in 4 years with a 12 month cliff.

Team & Advisors

Experts in crypto and community building will help steer $KOBAN into the right direction. The team and advisors are rewarded tokens for their efforts prior to the token launch. These tokens are linearly vested in 4 years with a 12 month cliff.

Strategic Round

Raise capital to extend the network and get advise from well-known funds and individuals in the crypto space. This category will linearly vested in 4 years with a 12 month cliff.


Holders of the first Panzerdog avatars and Cosmocadia avatars are rewarded through an airdrop. For Panzerdogs, based on the cPANZR allocation of holders, $KOBAN will be distributed among holders.


To be used for market makers to provide liquidity once $KOBAN has been listed on centralized exchanges.
Working together with a set of launchpads to successfully attract retail investors and have more distribution among $KOBAN holders.
Additional funds for at a later stage to attract private investors and extend the network.