Private Land

Private land can be bought as an NFT. Private land is accessible for everyone to visit by default. Owners are able to limit who can make changes on their land, and who can come on their land. This allows owners to create a private HUB for themselves and their friends.
There are many pros to owning private land, including but not limited to:
  • Processing and growth times are shorter
  • More freedom in decorating and reforming the land
  • Limit who you play with, add extra NFT avatars as NPCs
and more!
Use your private land to play with friends, or build your own experiences. Build a dungeon, a maze, a bar or different shops. Make a disco for people to hang out in, or create games for you and your friends to play.
When reselling private land, it will be sold with all furniture, crops, storage, and NFTs on it at the time of listing it on the marketplace. NPCs will be removed automatically. Everything in your inventory will also not be sold. The land will no longer be available to play on until delisted.
Private land is released in batches. Public land is separate from the amount of private land available. An image showing the amount of private land that will be released over the next couple of years will be added later. Private land is expected to be added in the first half of 2023.