An avatar is a character that the player can play as. NFT avatars can be imported into the game. Owning multiple NFT avatars will be beneficial in a later update of the game.

Free Avatars

When Free-to-play goes live, all players will have access to a selection of free avatars to choose from when first starting out. They can be used on both Public and Private land. These free avatars are not NFTs, and thus cannot be traded on a secondary marketplace. Initially, the game will only include NFT avatars.

NFT Avatars

An NFT avatar is needed to play the game until free-to-play is added at a later development stage. NFT avatars have different physical traits with several varieties that specify their rarity. The 11.111 PFPs are generated ahead of time via the Blender add-on “Blend_My_NFTs”, based on the rarity overview. The PFPs are then put in a “candy machine”. When someone buys an NFT, they receive one of the 11.111 PFPs.
Examples of COSMOCADIA avatars
The different physical traits are:
  • Species
  • Color
  • Clothing top
  • Clothing bottom
  • Head accessories
  • Eye accessories
  • Neck accessories
  • Mouth accessories
  • Background

Gameplay Effect

NFT avatars affect the gameplay. The more rare an avatar is, the more effect it has. Some things that the NFT avatars affect are: Increased chance at rare NFTs when minting for future drops Shorter production time with appliances Shorter growth time for crops & trees Larger quantity of items when harvesting crops & fruit, using a tool, or using an appliance and more!
Owning multiple avatars allows players to import their extra avatars into their private land as NPCs. These NPCs can be given tasks and put to work at a later development stage. NPCs that were given a task will continue to produce resources even when you are not playing. This feature will be added at a later stage of development.