Marketplaces & trading

Single-player shop

In the single-player shop, players can sell their resources and crafted items for immediate basic currency. This basic currency can also be used to buy things from the shop such as seeds, appliances, and more. The shop is available in all land types.

Player-to-Player trading

Through the in-game marketplace, players can trade with each other. Players can offer goods such as resources, furniture, or tools, and also buy them from other players. This is available on both public and private land. NFTs cannot be sold through the in-game marketplace; this can only be done on secondary marketplaces such as Magic Eden. Players can set their own prices. 5% of all trading fees go back to the treasury. Basic currency is burned 100% to keep inflation under control. Player-to-Player trading is expected to be added in the second half of 2023.

Secondary marketplace

NFTs can be bought and sold on secondary markets such as Magic Eden. NFTs include, but are not limited to, avatars, appliances, furniture, and land. 5% of the trading fee goes back to the treasury. For more information about the treasury, see the “Monetisation” section under the Business Model tab.


On the COSMOCADIA website, people can acquire various NFTs. NFTs include, but are not limited to, avatars, appliances, furniture, and land. NFTs will drop on a frequent basis. The next drop will be the GENESIS drop for the Avatar NFTs.

Event marketplaces

Events may have an event-shop. This will be available on public land. Items and their price will be specified per event. The event-shop will not sell NFTs; event-exclusive NFTs can be minted or won as a reward. Availability will differ per event. Events are expected to be added in the first half of 2023.