The Game

COSMOCADIA is an NFT gaming project on a yet-to-be-announced blockchain. Think Stardew Valley meets Animal Crossing, but with play-and-earn mechanics. Work with other players to improve the land using in-game assets that users own. It will be available on web and mobile, starting with web.
Our focus is game first, blockchain second; the game has to be fun or there is no product! Together with the growing community, we are building a cozy game, accessible to all.

The Story

Welcome to the world of COSMOCADIA, where people create communities and work together to cultivate the land.
You’ve moved to COSMOCADIA to start a new life in this exciting frontier. The overgrown fields are full of possibilities. You can farm, fish, craft, and decorate. With a little elbow grease and some imagination, it will soon turn from a field of weeds into a thriving community!
Play as your favorite Cosmocadian. Relax, have fun, make new friends, and grow your land, all while earning money on the side! Live a calm farmer’s life or become a business magnate. Everything is possible! You decide how you want to play!

Design pillars